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Aggressive Spam Defense
Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express
Antispam Scanner
Works quietly in the background. Each message is scanned using a set of internal rules and filters.
Blue Frog Fight spam by automatically posting complaints on the sites advertised by the spam you receive. Its FREE!
Bongosoft AntiSpam
ChoiceMail One Keep spam OUT by receiving e-mail only from recognized/known senders.
Chrysanth Mail Manager  Uses a friend list, blacklist, filters, & DNSBL Servers to get rid of junk.
Coffeecup Spam Blocker A spam filter that checks both HTML and TEXT e-mail and removes spam.
DeSofto SpamFilter - Spam filtering tool.
eMail Previewer
Edovia AntiSpam 2005
Flystrike Spam Interrogator  Filters & delete spam from POP3 servers and returns control to YOU.
G-Lock SpamCombat  Spam filtering software that removes spam from your mail server without putting it into your Inbox!
iHateSpam  PC World Magazine rated the Outlook version #1 with a whopping 4.5 stars and the BEST BUY Award!
InBoxer for Outlook Spam Filter
K9   It fills the gap in the Windows freeware statistics-based spam e-mail filtering software market.
Letterman Spam Control
Letterman Spam Control Pro
Lockspam Free  Spam filter for POP3 mail clients. It seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
Mail Express Pro
Mail Snoop Pro
MailFender for Exchange
MailWasher Free  The easiest way to check and manage e-mail BEFORE you download it.
MailWasher Pro
McAfee SpamKiller  Comprehensive Spam Blocking scans, identifies and removes most junk e-mail from your inbox.
No Spam Today! for Servers Pro
No Spam Today! for Servers Free
- email spam filter that works as SMTP proxy server.
No Spam Today! for Workstations - email spam, attachment & virus filter for POP3 email clients.
No Spam Today! SMTP Proxy
No Spam Today! SMTP Proxy Free
Norton AntiSpam  Now better than ever!
PAL Spam Killer
POPFile  FREE automatic mail classification tool. Once set up and trained, scans e-mail as it arrives and classifiesit!
Qurb  Easy to use & effective anti-spam solution. Named PC Magazine Editors' Choice Spam software award in 2003.
Spam Filter for Outlook (Free)   Effective spam filter for MS Outlook 2000-2010. Supports MS Exchange, IMAP, and POP3 accounts.
Spam Agent Corporate SAME features as Spam Agent Home, BUT with the extras needed by corporate Users.
SpamAgent Home  A perfect solution for spam. A list of over 1200 filters STOPS it and you can add your own!
Spam Alarm for POP3 Highly configurable and efficient e-mail scanner can be tailored specifically to your system.
Spam Buster
Spam Inspector
Spam Monitor
Spam Reader - An outlook plugin to filter spam.
Spam Shredder  Spam clogs your inbox and carries spyware, adware, and other unwanted software - Keep it OUT!
Spam Sleuth
Spam Stopper The BEST spam stopper just got BETTER! Installs fast and filters junk mail with an easy-to-use interface.
Spam Trapper for Outlook
Spam X-terminator

SpamBrave Lite For Outlook Express  A simple, yet elegant solution carefully cleans out spam messages.
SpamChoke Antispam  Automates filtering of junk mail uses innovative rules to stop unsolicited mail from reaching you.
SpamEater Pro
SPAMfighter Exchange Server Module
SPAMfighter Anti Spam Server for SMTP
SPAMfighter Exchange Module
SPAMfighter Hosted Spam Filter
SPAMfighter Standard  - Spam & phishing filter for Outlook/Express.
SPAMfighter Pro - block spam from Outlook inbox.
SpamPal  SpamPal is a mail classification program to help separate your spam from the mail you really want to read.
Sp@mX (SpamX)
- Spam, phishing, tracing & reporting filtering software.
TNL Antispam
TZ Anti Spam Filter  Eliminate Spam, Spyware, Viruses, & Trojans. A safe way to stop junk before it gets into your PC.
Vanquish Anti-Spam
Webroot Spam Shredder
Zaep AntiSpam
- Eliminate email spam.

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